Audits & Inspections

Audits & Inspections with Mango

Mango's Audit & Inspection module enables efficient scheduling, performing and recording of Audits/Inspections in an easy to use online process.

After setting up a schedule that suits your needs, Mango's Audit & Inspection module allows you to create whatever sections, sub-sections, and questions you want in your online questionnaire. You can even create your own scoring system and 'hints and tips' for each question that needs answering.

Once you customise your paperless, online Audit/Inspection form, picture how easy it would be to wander around a site completing an audit directly into your Compliance system using an iPad or Tablet.. No more writing on a paper form, rewriting it in Word, and then transferring it to your system. Mango makes the process more efficient, saving you time and money.

But, that's not it.. While you are completing your audit more efficiently, any non-conformances or observations you find can easily be raised directly into Mango's Improvement module, while on-site! Don't wait until getting back to the office to raise Improvements.

Finally, with all your hard work done, Mango makes comparing the results of previous audits and providing evidence to external auditors an absolute breeze.

In summary, with Mango you can:

  • Create as many Audit/Inspection questionnaires you want - base them on location, activity or even Standard
  • Customise your own scoring system, and setup a schedule that suits you
  • While on-site, record notes and raise improvements directly into Mango
  • Automatically remind who is responsible for conducting the audit, and setup an escalation alert if the audit hasn't been completed within the defined timeframe

...And, most importantly, Mango's Audit & Inspection module will enable you to meet requirements of ISO 9001, ISO14001, AS4801 and OHSAS 18001!