Customer Comments about Mango

Just some of what Australian Clients are saying about Mango

"UMS have a culture focused on continual improvement and we saw technology as a way to assist us with this. Having recently converted out IT platform to Cloud technology ( via Google Chrome / GMail) we were looking for a compliance system that would operate in a similar "world" to us - hence our choice of Mango."

"With the implementation of Cloud technology the various areas of our operations are able to interact more effectively and we are able to do more of our business in "real time" eg in field tablets devices. The implementation of Mango has only added to this technology, as we now have a compliance based system that assists us in automating the majority of our certification, audit and ongoing business requirements."

"To effectively implement Mango you need to have a few factors working together - Senior Management commitment, a dedicated Project Manager to oversee planning and implementation and a realistic implementation time line. Whilst it is only early days for UMS and Mango, the positive way in which our staff have embraced the technology, combined with the friendly and dedicated ongoing support of our Mango consultant (QSE Solutions) all point towards a successful ongoing relationship."

Urban Maintenance Systems

"The JM Kelly Group of Companies includes 9 vertically integrated construction and manufacturing related business units and employs about 380 staff. Last year we were granted Federal Safety Commissioners Office (OFSC) Accreditation and saw a need to implement a program which was user friendly and able to monitor and manage our statutory reporting requirements.

The nature of our business dictates that at any given time, as well as having staff located in fixed offices, we have a number of site offices located across the length and breadth of the state, staffed by trade persons in management roles. It is therefore essential that the platform we use can in fact be used by staff members who are not experts with technology. It is also important that the platform provides regular prompts to ensure that tasks are being undertaken and reported as they should be.

In the full knowledge that our people are our most important asset, we need a stringent and robust WH&S framework that incorporates a consistent tool for managing construction industry incidents, and therefore looking after our people. We also need a platform that can store our information electronically.

We have found the answers to our requirements in the Mango system. We have also been provided with service and advice from Alan Grafton and QSE Solutions.

I am more than happy to commend Alan and the Mango platform."

J M Kelly Group of Companies

"Eagle Rock Construction has been utilising Mango for quite some time now for our compliance management. Overall we're very happy with the Mango system because it facilitates integrated Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) Management Systems, it is very user friendly, easy to train, simple to maintain, and allows great transparency throughout the organisation. The Mango team are experienced professionals in the QSE compliance field and provided excellent service through the implementation phase along with responsive ongoing support if we've needed it. They listen to feedback and their commitment to ongoing development is evidenced by regular upgrades to their product. We've recently achieved our AS4801:2001 certification for our OHS Management System which was definitely made easier by using Mango. In summary, Mango makes our compliance management much easier than alternative systems."

Eagle Rock Construction

"Ri-con Contractors has been using the Mango Compliance software for a little over 12 months and has found the platform to be ideal for our requirements. Ri-con is a construction company working in some of the more remote areas in the country. The Company requires a reporting system that can be accessed from anywhere in Australia and the Mango platform is exactly what we've been looking for. Its format and ease of access makes it ideal for staff with even the most basic level of computing skill."

Ricon Contractors

"We are a very strong supporter of the Mango product as it provides us with a mechanism to ensure a documented System (Quality, Safety, Environment, etc.) is implemented and very importantly can be demonstrated as such via the historical records Mango can readily reproduce."


"Managing multiple offices and worksites was becoming a challenge. As a company that holds accreditation for three separate management systems, it was extremely important that we implemented an integrated software solution to manage all systems and procedures. We believe in cloud computing, the easy web-access and the reduced infrastructure costs it brings, so we found Mango an excellent fit. The integration was customised to our own business and has allowed us to pass regular Client audits with ease and at the same time actually impress them. We thoroughly recommend Mango as a solution for growing organisations hoping to manage their integrated management systems."

Aqua Environmental

"Before the introduction of Mango, our Integrated Management System (IMS) was weighed down by large amounts of paper work, intimate knowledge of the system was limited to only the few people who had a responsibility in running the IMS, and the review and updating of the IMS became a chore for those involved. Now with Mango, there is very little paper work, all office employees are trained in the easy to use, transparency and functionality of Mango, and monitoring, reviewing and updating all aspects of the IMS is automatically done by the everyday users of Mango."

Hall Contracting