QSE Solutions - Compliance Management Consultants

QSE Solutions - Compliance Management Consultants

We know business is all about making money, which is why we understand why organisations choose only to engage in Compliance activities when it suits them. After all, being active about Compliance involves time, which in most circumstances means increased costs - why spend money on something that only seems important every now and again?

Look at Compliance in a Different Way

Being compliant or, more specifically, having a certified system has the potential to make you a lot of money.

Many big tenders and contracts these days are placing demands upon organisations to show that their systems are fully compliant. In fact, we have seen many organisations get stopped at the first stage of a tender process just because they didn't have the required certification.

As an example - without a certified Health and Safety (OHS) system AND Federal Safety (OFSC) accreditation, you wouldn't be able to think about applying for Australian Government contracts. That's a missed opportunity - a $3 million or more missed opportunity!

It's Not Just Making Money - It's Saving it Too

Sure, it is great to get those big jobs and make some good money but, in our experience, a problem presents itself time and time again - most organisations are only active about Compliance for the time it takes to achieve certification or accreditation but then not afterwards. We have never understood this.

To put this in context - Federal Safety (OFSC) accreditation needs to be renewed every few years. Time and time again our consultants have seen organisations go round in circles - they spend all that time and money getting accreditation in the first place but, after getting it, maintaining their now compliant system isn't a priority anymore. A few years later, another huge effort is needed in both time and money to get reaccredited. Again, once reaccredited, it is not important anymore and so the circle continues..

Take it from us, it is easier, not to mention cheaper, to maintain an already compliant system in the first place.

Compliance Also Offers Peace of Mind

What is the best way to maintain the quality of your product and ensure staff and environmental safety? Answer - Having a Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental system that is certified to recognised Standards.

Having a certified Quality (QA) system, for example, is not only the best way you can maximise the quality of the product or service you provide but it is also a badge you can (and should) proudly show the public and other organisations you deal with.

Think about it - if you are Quality certified, you are showing everyone that you are committed to providing the best product/service you can. Wouldn't you feel more assured if the organisations that provide you a product or service were Quality certified?

Lastly, having a certified Health and Safety or Environmental system is the best way to protect yourself against hefty fines and lawsuits. Occurring more often than people realise, Australia has seen many organisations go bankrupt because of unsafe practices that caused harm to workers or the environment.

Check out these news stories taken from Worksafe Victoria's website:

How big of a fine can you afford - $50k, $200k, $500k, more? It isn't just the money but also your reputation - do you want others to read about your organisation in the news?

So, what have you got to lose - Contact us for advice or further information about your Compliance needs.

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Whatever your needs - be they Health and Safety, Environment, Quality, OFSC, PQC or HACCP - we guarantee we will be able to help you!

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