Mango's Dashboard

Compliance Clarity = Mango's Dashboard

Mango's dashboard tells you what you need to act on - it is where you see your Events, Improvements, Accidents & Incidents, and Risks all rolled into one easy to read summary.

From the dashboard, you can even access system graphs, which provide an overview of your Compliance system as a whole - simply click a button and instantly see a snapshot of your organisations performance.

See What's on Your Plate

  • The dashboard is simple and easy to use
  • Less hassle - unlike traditional dashboards, users don't have to leave the task they are doing to get information about something else
  • The information is in real time
  • Users are instantly provided a clear and prioritised to-do list, which helps them to better organise their working week
  • It removes the nagging thought we often have - when you know you should be doing something but can't remember what it was
  • Reduces stress, giving you more control and making you more productive