Document Control

Document Control with Mango

Mango's Documents module makes your document management / control a breeze to handle.

No longer needing hard copies, easily control your manuals by updating them directly in Mango. When you make changes to policies and procedures, Mango will instantly make them available to authorised people in your organisation.

There is even a file area where you can keep a master register of all your forms - again, updates will be made instantly available to others.

Because all your documentation is now online and in one central place, whether you have one office, or many, you can easily ensure that everyone is working from the same policies, procedures, and forms.

Eliminate the confusion and time-wasting associated with poor document management / control today!

In summary, with Mango you can:

  • Maintain all your manuals online, meaning there are no hard copies to continually update
  • Keep an online, master register of all your forms
  • Instantly make updates available to anyone within your organisation
  • Access your documentation from any computer connected to the Internet

...And, most importantly, Mango's Documents module will enable you to meet requirements of ISO 9001, ISO14001, AS4801, and OHSAS 18001!