Environment Management

Environment Management (EMS) Consultancy

Environment Management (EMS) is the management of human societies interaction and impact on the environment. The overarching goal of Environment Management (EMS) is to maintain and improve the state of any environmental resource affected by human activities.

An Environment Management (EMS) System:

  • Serves as a tool to improve environmental performance
  • Provides a systematic way of managing an organisations environmental affairs
  • Addresses the impacts of products, services and processes on the environment
  • Gives order and consistency in addressing environmental concerns
  • Focuses on continual improvement of the system

ISO14001 assists organisations in continually improving their environmental performance, whilst ensuring compliance with applicable legislation. It was originally developed to assist organisations in reducing their environmental impact, but can help in reaping a number of economic benefits including the minimisation of regulatory fines and the improvement of an organisations efficiency, leading to a reduction in waste and consumption of resources.

Further, in our experience, we have found that ISO14001 certification has a significant impact on the likelihood of winning major contracts or tenders - this means a working and effective Environment Management (EMS) System can really benefit an organisation.

If better Environment Management (EMS) or certification is something you want, our consultants will be able to help you.

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