Event Management

Event Management with Mango

With Mango's Event Management module, you can easily keep on top of those important Compliance activities.

Schedule management meetings, toolbox meetings, site inspections, calibrations, etc. - simply anything you need to ensure according to your Compliance requirements.

Reminder emails will automatically be sent to event owners, and you can even customise Mango to escalate events which haven't been completed within the defined timeframe.

Signing off an event couldn't be simpler, and Mango will ensure you have the history to prove to external auditors you are completing your prescribed activities.

In summary, with Mango you can:

  • Set up events to reflect your Compliance requirements
  • Automatically remind the person responsible for a task
  • Customise Mango to escalate events that are not completed within the defined timeframe
  • Easily view the status of your events - know if they are overdue, need to be completed soon, or are due in the future
  • Mango keeps a history for each event that you can utilise for external audits
  • 'Set-up-and-forget' recurring events - be assured your system is maintained at all times

...And, most importantly, Mango's Event Management module will enable you to meet requirements of ISO 9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001!