Health and Safety

Health and Safety (OHS) Consultancy

We believe a Health and Safety (OHS) Management System is the most important aspect for any organisation. The ultimate aim of a Health and Safety (OHS) Management system is to reduce, or eliminate, work related injuries and illnesses, plus it can have a significant effect on improving the performance of an organisation.

AS4801 is the Standard for Health and Safety (OHS) Management and is meant to ensure efficient management, which, in turn, assists in the productivity of an organisation. AS4801 helps to:

  • Implement, maintain and improve your Health and Safety (OHS) Management System
  • Assure conformance with your stated Health and Safety (OHS) policy
  • Demonstrate your Health and Safety (OHS) determination and declaration of conformance to others

A safe working environment is fundamental not only to performance and productivity, but to an organisations employees, customers and for the good of their industry.

Injuries can result in significant human or financial cost, and can drastically impact an organisations financial viability. In most circumstances, serious Health and Safety (OHS) events have a long term effect on an organisation including loss of reputation, decreased investment, reduced employee morale, increased turnover, and a reduced chance of acquiring tenders or contracts.

Acquiring AS4801 certification from an external agency not only provides you recognition that you are utilising good Health and Safety (OHS) Management principles, but is also a demonstration to the public of your commitment to reducing workplace injury.

Furthermore, in our experience, we have found that most major contracts or tenders require AS4801 certification - As an example, a certified Health and Safety (OHS) Management System is a prerequisite for attaining Federal Safety Accreditation (OFSC).

If better Health and Safety (OHS) Management or certification is something you want, our consultants will be able to help you.

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