Prequalification Certification

Prequalification Certification (PQC) Consultancy

Prequalification Certification (PQC) provides a comprehensive central register of prequalified building industry consultants and contractors. It also establishes clear and consistent performance requirements and guidelines for the selection of building industry service providers for government building projects.

Prequalification Certification (PQC) applies to all building industry consultants directly commissioned on government building projects where the commission fee exceeds $30,000 and/or the services risk rating is 3 or 4, and to all building industry contractors seeking to undertake government building projects valued at more than $250,000.

Prequalification Certification (PQC) aims to:

  • Streamline the tendering process
  • Reduce costs of tendering for both the client and the consultant or contractor
  • Match consultant and contractor capabilities with the service required
  • Reinforce security of payment on government building projects

Our consultants have plenty of experience coaching organisations to achieve Prequalification Certification (PQC). If this is something you are interested in, we will be able to help you.

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