Return to Work

Return to Work (RTW) & Rehabilitation Consultants

Understanding the connection between safety, injury claims and litigation is critical to your business and all too often, oversighted or misunderstood.

Claims management is a critical business risk yet all too often it is severely underestimated. A claim can take a turn for the worst almost overnight for any number of reasons. If you do not have sound systems in place and competent personnel, you may find yourself entangled in a costly legal case.

Our consultants can visit your workplace and offer individual or team coaching sessions on how to manage claims, litigation risks and problem solve any arising issues. We will also advise you on how to manage risks and claims so that premiums do not stifle your business.

We are used to working with businesses of all sizes and can explain how the workers compensation scheme works. We can also assist with information regarding your workers compensation insurance needs, what records you need to keep, and what to do if you suspect a claim is a sham. Our strategies will also help you to reduce these risks.

It is proven that providing genuine support to injured workers and providing them with meaningful duties whilst they recover will reduce risks of secondary injuries such as stress, common law claims and a blow out in claims costs - not to mention future premiums.