Supplier/Subcontractor Management

Supplier / Subcontractor Management with Mango

Mango's Suppliers module ensures effective management over all your suppliers and subcontractors.

With a central, and easy to search, list, you can easily perform rating reviews on a routine basis. This ensures an up-to-date list of approved suppliers and subcontractors so your employees always know who to use.

You can even give your most trusted suppliers / subcontractors access to your Mango site and get them involved with your Compliance system - control their access rights and get them reporting accidents, improvements, or even performing specified events.

In summary, with Mango you can:

  • Easily evaluate and rate your suppliers and subcontractors
  • Have a central list of approved suppliers and subcontractors for employees to access
  • If you want, give your suppliers / subcontractors an active role in your Compliance system

...And, most importantly, Mango's Supplier module will enable you to meet requirements of ISO 9001!